Looking for viable alternatives for dealing with PTSD and Trauma symptoms? Look no further. No diagnosis or disclosure of personal information, job description or security clearance(s) required!

How We Help

As a Vietnam veteran with multiple deployments, I know what it's like to try to live with extreme stress and painful memories. And I know what it's like to wonder if you'll ever find "normal".

There are resources available to help but in working with clients I've found that many of them, like me, didn't even know help was available. Others have tried to seek out help but didn't know where to look or found it didn't work for them.

I've tried many things over the years with mixed results but the best thing I've found are some protocols based in 21st Century Science that work with the brain to help us release painful memories.

These are simple techniques you can learn in minutes then use any time you need them to reduce stress or anxiety. You can also use them to eliminate the pain of memories and so much more. They don't require, nor do they interfere with medications. The coaching sessions don't require any disclosure of your story, nor do you have to relive the painful memories or traumatic situations. You can even use a pseudonym if you want.

My team and I are here to help you. We have a variety of options available from group classes to one-on-one coaching for you and your family. We work with veterans, domestic violence victims, and first responders. We also work with their families.

To get started simply visit our store and select the option that is right for you. If you have any questions you may email us at

We look forward to seeing you reach the other side.

I was amazed at how quickly and easily the technique worked. Painful memories were disarmed in seconds. And that was just the first session.

Workplace Violence Survivor

About Us

Paul McMickle

I'm a Vietnam vet. When I was discharged from the Army in 1969 there was no acknowledgement of PTSD, nor did I know that was the source of my problems. All I knew was that I was in emotional pain. I turned to the traditional pain-numbing methods of smoking, drinking, and other substance abuses. However, they all had their limitations and created their own problems while the relief they gave was temporary at best.

 I started searching for other solutions and found things that helped. When I found these 21st Century Science based techniques things changed. I found solutions rather than band aids. The results were spectacular and I wanted to share this with others who suffered the way I did.

I am a certified coach and trainer of Brainsweep Systems and the techniques I use are designed to be easy to learn and simple to use while they act quickly and effectively to release the painful memories and the physical issues our brains create as result of living with the pain of those memories. 

My passion is in helping others find relief and I look forward to helping you.


We are located in Chicago, Illinois. However, we utilize technology to work virtually with clients from anywhere. Simply purchase your class or session in the store and we will set up your appointment as appropriate.

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